How to use straightening flat iron: shiny effect

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If after using the straightening flat iron for the hair, the result is not the same as planned, it may not be at all flat iron , but in the styling technique. It is necessary to remember about small tricks that will be very useful for achieving enviable results.

Start with a well-moisturized hair

Each time before using flat iron you need to make sure that the hair is well moisturized and conditioned. If it is not so, that it is necessary to turn off the flat iron and do hair. Sometimes we think that a good protective device will make all the necessary preparations, but it is not. It is necessary to make own efforts to be convinced, that hair can bear this heat without the subsequent harm. It is not superfluous to study in detail flat iron reviews.

Straighten only clean hair

The best time to straighten hair with flat iron - immediately after using a good shampoo and conditioner. You can straighten only clean hair, since contact of contaminated hair and flat iron will not lead to anything else, as soon as to absorb dirt into the structure of the hair. If you need to straighten your hair during the day, you can use the flat iron again, with a minimum temperature, but not more. However, remember: straightening hair with flat iron is not a procedure for daily use.

Use a softening balm or serum

How to use straightening flat iron: shiny effect
After washing hair and applying the conditioner it is necessary to put on softening balm or serum. It helps very well the unpainted hair, which does not contain any chemicals, but it will also benefit everyone else. Those who live in places with high humidity, which creates a "dandelion effect" on the head and negates the entire process of straightening hair, you need to look for balsams that are resistant to moisture.

Use a protective agent

If the hair is dry, you need to apply a protective device against overheating on each strand before you start using flat iron . But do not forget - let this tool and helps, but none, even the best brand will not be able to protect the hair if the temperature is too high.

Avoid applying oil before straightening

Applying natural hair to the hair after using the flat iron is justified, since sometimes the hair needs to be slightly heavier. But never apply oil before using flat iron , because as a result, the hair will never be so light and elastic.

Straighten only dry hair

For the best, long lasting result is to straighten completely dry hair. Does this mean they must be dried with a hair dryer? Not necessary. You can always wrap wet hair with a towel and sit under the dryer for a while - it's a softer way of drying. You can also allow hair to dry naturally about 80%, and then dry them with a hair dryer. Straightening off not completely dry hair can lead to their fluffing.

Do not hurry

Do not straighten hair in a hurry. This is a process that requires slow, gradual, controlled movements, but at the same time it is not necessary to delay the flat iron in one place for a long time. It needs to be promoted, but slowly. Begin as close to the roots as possible, and pull the flat iron down in one smooth motion. If one segment is missed, you will have to return to it again and again. Remember: the lower the temperature, the better. Therefore, making one good move is much better than repeating 3-4 unimportant ones.

Adjust the temperature

The fact that the flat iron can warm up to 450 degrees does not mean that every hair needs such a temperature. Girls with natural hair can be surprised by the presence of two or three structures of hair on the head, but this often happens. The central part of the head can have the most curly hair, requiring a high temperature, but the hair on the sides can be more straight - and accordingly, when stacked, the temperature can be reduced.

Straighten small strands

Smaller flat iron is very good for laying strands. You should try to make strands width of not more than 2.5 cm. It will be better to straighten one, but thin strand, more than once, than to try several times to smooth a large amount of hair. And large wide strands simply can not be straightened properly.

Wrap your hair for the night

Now, when the rectification process is completed, you need to think about how to keep the work done on the wind during the night. Before going to bed, the hair should be wrapped in silk or satin fabric. So, in the morning, you'll just have to comb your hair a little, because they are still bulky and just a little wavy, and therefore you do not need to reapply flat iron.


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