Essential oils for haiir

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Essential oils for hair

Essential oils for massage can not be used in pure form. They should be diluted with oil-base. In this capacity practically any qualitative and purified vegetable oil can approach. Most commonly used apricot oil, jojoba, coconut, almonds. In the event that the skin is dry, it is highly suggested to add up to ten percent of the avocado oil or wheat germ. For massage on five milliliters of vegetable oil one or two drops of ether are taken. A similar ratio is also used to make baths with essential oils.

Due to the effect on the organism, the oils vary greatly among themselves. Therefore, before using this or that oil, it is important to carefully examine its instructions, and for people suffering from chronic illnesses to visit a consultation of a therapist or other specialist.

For sports massage the following types of oils are used:
for activating muscles eucalyptus, juniper, rosemary,
for muscular energy: juniper, grapefruit, rosemary, black pepper, lavender, orange, mint, cypress,
for regulation of respiratory function during aerobic exercises: mint, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary,
to create a psychological mood before the competition: make a cocktail of camomile oils, rosemary, lavender, lemon,
to activate blood flow: palmarose, rose.

Before starting the massage, lightly warm the oil, it should be at room temperature.

After exercise, it is beneficial to use such essential oils:
To prevent muscle pain, ginger, eucalyptus, mint,
For calming after the competition: orange, nutmeg, lemon, sage.

You can make mixtures of essential oils for massage: twenty-five milliliters of grape seed oil takes one drop of cinnamon oil, three drops of ginger oil, six drops of marjoram oil. This oil is indicated for relaxation after exercise. It also helps to improve blood flow and remove toxins from tissues.
In the femur of the lower extremities, use the following recipe: twenty milliliters of grape seed oil, five drops of fennel oil, cypress. Treat massages of feet and feet of caviar.
Before using, you need to consult a specialist.
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